How to fix ‘unexpected console statement’ error in Vue.js?

To fix the ‘unexpected console statement’ error in Vue.js, open¬†package.json¬†and under section¬†eslintConfig¬†put¬†no-console¬†under¬†rules¬†and restart dev server (npm run serve¬†or¬†yarn serve). This is a same way as we have fixed in Node.js

Limit API requests in express.js

In this tutorial we are going to use an npm package called express-rate-limit. Install it using the following command. This library provides a brute-force protection for express routes by rate-limiting […]

How to concatenate strings in Ruby

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to concatenate the strings in Ruby. Concatenation means the joining of two or more strings into a single string. Using […]

Get file size in Node.js

To get file size in Node.js, the following code snippet would help. statSync() method from fs package synchronously returns information about the given file path the file size in bytes.

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Join strings using StringJoiner in Java

StringJoiner is used to construct a sequence of characters separated by a delimiter and optionally starting with a supplied prefix and ending with a supplied suffix. Syntax Examples