Safe casting in Kotlin

In multiple cases you might’ve came across the situation where you have to cast a global variable and check the instance beforehand. A most common case in Android environment is […]

Airflow commands cheat-sheet

Miscellaneous commands Celery components View configuration Manage connections Manage DAGs Database operations Tools to help run the KubernetesExecutor Manage pools Display providers Manage roles Manage tasks Manage users Manage variables

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How to pass arguments into a Spring boot run?

To pass arguments when you are running a Spring Boot application you can simply assign your parameters to To retrieve these params and use them in your code, declare […]

Update all packages in Ubuntu

Updating packages in Ubuntu is sometimes needed to upgrade your Ubuntu to latest version and apply security updates. We can also upgrade all packages in the system to make sure […]

How to make an Axios DELETE request?

Making a DELETE request in Axios is very similar to making a POST or GET request. Let’s assume we are making a DELETE request to delete a user. The endpoint […]

Find host’s cloud provider in node.js

I came across a npm package called cloud-detect that lets you find the name of the cloud provider in a node.js application. Install the cloud-detect npm package in your node.js […]

Remove unused npm modules from package.json

Depcheck is a tool for analyzing the dependencies in a project to see: how each dependency is used, which dependencies are useless, and which dependencies are unused fromĀ package.json. To identify […]

Convert character to ASCII code in JavaScript

String.prototype.charCodeAt() method in JavaScript returns the ASCII code of a character from a string. It accepts the index of the characters as an argument and returns the ASCII equivalent of […]

Validate Aadhaar number in JavaScript

Aadhaar is a verifiable 12-digit identification number issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)to the resident of India for free of cost. It’s similar to the Social Security Numbers […]