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CSS code snippet – How to load background image pre?

<div id="preload">
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/repeat-off.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/repeat-on.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/prev.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/play.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/pause.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/next.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/shuffle-off.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/shuffle-on.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/list-play-light.png" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/list-play-hover.png" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/volume.svg" />
<img src="/img/open-source/amplitudejs/mute.svg" />
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