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Difference between COPY and ADD in a Dockerfile

Learn the difference between copy and add instructions in dockerfile.To start with, both copy and add instructions are used to copy files from a source into the docker image.


ADD instruction copies everything from the source including the file system metadata to the destination.


ADD <src> … <dest>

When you copy a compressed file using ADD, it automatically extracts the compressed file’s content into the destination if the compressed file is of a recognized compression format (zip, xz, bzip, gzip).


ADD /ngroktemp

ADD /home/ /dockerhome/installer


COPY command copies the source to the destination in the same format the source is.


COPY <src> … <dest>

It doesn’t work with URLs and it doesn’t extract compressed files but only copies them.


COPY /home/inputs/  /dockerhome/inputs

As a final note, always prefer using COPY as it’s more transparent that ADD but at the end of the day it depends on what you want to do.

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