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How to get keys from JavaScript Object?

In this post, we will see how to get the key set from the object in JavaScript. Below are some basic methods which I have learnt in my professional software development experience.

Let’s take the below Object for our learning

let map = {"Name" : "Harry", "DOB" : "16.02.1998" , "Age" : "22"};




This method returns an Array containing the keys of the Object. It maintains the order. If you want want to get the values from object use Object.values()

console.log(map.keys()); //["Name", "DOB", "Age"]

For loop

Using the simple for..loop we can get the keys by iterating each pair in Object.

var keyList = [];
var valueList = [];
for(key in map){
console.log(keyList);  //["Name", "DOB", "Age"];
console.log(valueList);// ["Harry", "16.02.1998", "22"];


Below is the easy approach that would work in Jquery version 1.6+

var keys = [];
keys = $.map(map, function(item, key) {
  return key;
console.log(keys); //["Name", "DOB", "Age"];

For each loop

In ECMAScript forEach method, this will iterate over the object and return the keys.

var keyList = [];
Map.forEach(obj => {
console.log(keyList); //["Name", "DOB", "Age"];
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