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A weird job application

I’m just another dev struggling to quit 9-5 since I started working 9-5 and I can tell it ain’t easy. I’m currently at my fourth company leading a team of five and have been doing some cool stuff. I can’t really say anything else here as I do not want to disappoint my current boss. I’m looking for a flexible remote work to quit 9-5 as I really want to spend time with my kid.

Work Experience

My current tech stack would be: Node.js, Python, Java, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, DO Kubernetes, Google Dialogflow, Ansible, Helm, Terraform

I’m basically a ‘back-end’ guy but I can ‘get shit done’ at all fronts though.

My side-projects

Started my first venture FootyCafe in 2011. Its idea was to connect with the football fans across India.

Zumpdo Games, my second venture, an Indie game studio focusing on casual mobile games.

Created a helper app for HQ Trivia which was crazy in its days and it got featured on Mashable.

Been tech-blogging since 2018 at Poopcode. Developed a bunch of utils under the same name, out of which a Wordle clone that lets you play the addictive game 24×7 was my favorite.

Currently curating my LoFi playlists to a YouTube channel called minposts.

How to contact me?

A mail to or a DM to @poopcoder

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