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PHP code snippet – How to separate test database in laravel unit test?

// In your config/database.php bellow mysql add:

'mysql_testing' => [
'driver' => 'mysql',
'host' => env('TESTING_DB_HOST', 'localhost'),
'database' => env('TESTING_DB_DATABASE', 'forge'),
'username' => env('TESTING_DB_USERNAME', 'forge'),
'password' => env('TESTING_DB_PASSWORD', ''),
'charset' => 'utf8',
'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
'prefix' => '',
'strict' => false,

//And now in your .env add the values for:


// Now you can run

php artisan migrate —database=mysql_testing
// And the last thing - open your phpunit.xml file in the app folder and add this:

  <env name="DB_CONNECTION" value="mysql_testing"/>

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