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Python code snippet – How to sort values of pandas dataframe for iqr?

    def mod_outlier(df):
        df1 = df.copy()
        df = df._get_numeric_data()

        q1 = df.quantile(0.25)
        q3 = df.quantile(0.75)

        iqr = q3 - q1

        lower_bound = q1 -(1.5 * iqr) 
        upper_bound = q3 +(1.5 * iqr)

        for col in col_vals:
            for i in range(0,len(df[col])):
                if df[col][i] < lower_bound[col]:            
                    df[col][i] = lower_bound[col]

                if df[col][i] > upper_bound[col]:            
                    df[col][i] = upper_bound[col]    

        for col in col_vals:
            df1[col] = df[col]

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