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Quick sort in Python

def partition(array, begin, end):
    pivot_idx = begin
    for i in xrange(begin+1, end+1):
        if array[i] <= array[begin]:
            pivot_idx += 1
            array[i], array[pivot_idx] = array[pivot_idx], array[i]
    array[pivot_idx], array[begin] = array[begin], array[pivot_idx]
    return pivot_idx

def quick_sort_recursive(array, begin, end):
    if begin >= end:
    pivot_idx = partition(array, begin, end)
    quick_sort_recursion(array, begin, pivot_idx-1)
    quick_sort_recursion(array, pivot_idx+1, end)

def quick_sort(array, begin=0, end=None):
    if end is None:
        end = len(array) - 1
    return quick_sort_recursive(array, begin, end)

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