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TypeScript code snippet – How to breakjoints lua?

local partA = script.Parent.PartA
local partB = script.Parent.PartB
local function join(part0, part1, jointClass, parent)
    local newJoint = or "ManualWeld")
    newJoint.Part0 = part0
    newJoint.Part1 = part1
    newJoint.C0 =
    newJoint.C1 = part1.CFrame:toObjectSpace(part0.CFrame)
    newJoint.Parent = parent or part0
    return newJoint
-- Create some joints and break them
join(partA, partB)
-- Glue joints are wobbly
join(partA, partB, "Glue")
-- Most of the time, joints ought to be put in JointsService
join(partA, partB, "Weld", game:GetService("JointsService"))
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