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TypeScript code snippet – How to set scss array of list?

	$colors: (
		(1, $color-orange-light, $color-orange, $color-orange-dark),
		(2, $color-green-light, $color-green, $color-green-dark),
		(3, $color-red-light, $color-red, $color-red-dark),
		(4, $color-blue-light, $color-blue, $color-blue-dark),
		(5, $color-purple-light, $color-purple, $color-purple-dark)

	@each $i, $bg-c, $border-c, $icon-c in $colors {
		&__logo-container-#{$i} {
			@extend %logo-box-styles;
			background-color: $bg-c;
			border: 7px solid $border-c;
			border-radius: 50%;
			color: $icon-c;
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