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Airflow commands cheat-sheet

Miscellaneous commands

airflow cheat-sheet | Display cheat sheet
airflow info | Show information about current Airflow and environment
airflow kerberos | Start a kerberos ticket renewer
airflow plugins | Dump information about loaded plugins
airflow rotate-fernet-key | Rotate encrypted connection credentials and variables
airflow scheduler | Start a scheduler instance
airflow sync-perm | Update permissions for existing roles and DAGs
airflow version | Show the version
airflow webserver | Start a Airflow webserver instance

Celery components

airflow celery flower | Start a Celery Flower
airflow celery stop | Stop the Celery worker gracefully
airflow celery worker | Start a Celery worker node

View configuration

airflow config get-value | Print the value of the configuration
airflow config list | List options for the configuration

Manage connections

airflow connections add | Add a connection
airflow connections delete | Delete a connection
airflow connections export | Export all connections
airflow connections get | Get a connection
airflow connections list | List connections

Manage DAGs

airflow dags backfill | Run subsections of a DAG for a specified date range
airflow dags delete | Delete all DB records related to the specified DAG
airflow dags list | List all the DAGs
airflow dags list-jobs | List the jobs
airflow dags list-runs | List DAG runs given a DAG id
airflow dags next-execution | Get the next execution datetimes of a DAG
airflow dags pause | Pause a DAG
airflow dags report | Show DagBag loading report
airflow dags show | Displays DAG's tasks with their dependencies
airflow dags state | Get the status of a dag run
airflow dags test | Execute one single DagRun
airflow dags trigger | Trigger a DAG run
airflow dags unpause | Resume a paused DAG

Database operations

airflow db check | Check if the database can be reached
airflow db check-migrations | Check if migration have finished
airflow db init | Initialize the metadata database
airflow db reset | Burn down and rebuild the metadata database
airflow db shell | Runs a shell to access the database
airflow db upgrade | Upgrade the metadata database to latest version

Tools to help run the KubernetesExecutor

airflow kubernetes cleanup-pods | Clean up Kubernetes pods in evicted/failed/succeeded states
airflow kubernetes generate-dag-yaml | Generate YAML files for all tasks in DAG. Useful for debugging tasks without launching into a cluster

Manage pools

airflow pools delete | Delete pool
airflow pools export | Export all pools
airflow pools get | Get pool size
airflow pools import | Import pools
airflow pools list | List pools
airflow pools set | Configure pool

Display providers

airflow providers behaviours | Get information about registered connection types with custom behaviours
airflow providers get | Get detailed information about a provider
airflow providers hooks | List registered provider hooks
airflow providers links | List extra links registered by the providers
airflow providers list | List installed providers
airflow providers widgets | Get information about registered connection form widgets

Manage roles

airflow roles create | Create role
airflow roles list | List roles

Manage tasks

airflow tasks clear | Clear a set of task instance, as if they never ran
airflow tasks failed-deps | Returns the unmet dependencies for a task instance
airflow tasks list | List the tasks within a DAG
airflow tasks render | Render a task instance's template(s)
airflow tasks run | Run a single task instance
airflow tasks state | Get the status of a task instance
airflow tasks states-for-dag-run | Get the status of all task instances in a dag run
airflow tasks test | Test a task instance

Manage users

airflow users add-role | Add role to a user
airflow users create | Create a user
airflow users delete | Delete a user
airflow users export | Export all users
airflow users import | Import users
airflow users list | List users
airflow users remove-role | Remove role from a user

Manage variables

airflow variables delete | Delete variable
airflow variables export | Export all variables
airflow variables get | Get variable
airflow variables import | Import variables
airflow variables list | List variables
airflow variables set | Set variable

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